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Anger To Action: Understanding American Corruption, Debt, and Inflation… and What is Needed to Restore the Republic is an explosive new book that answers the questions: What caused the United States to fall from grace, and how can it be turned around?  Who do the politicians think they are? How did they become masters over a nation of independent minded people?
This informative book by The Madison Institute Association adds the common sense voice of the Silent Majority to the political arena by engaging mainstream America and presenting detailed solutions to the problems that face this country.

This country was founded on the principle that the government should serve the American people; however, in today’s society that is far from the case. In fact, the American people now serve the government and their co-dependent buddies in big business.
Anger To Action exposes the fact that government and big business have not served the people, but have colluded in their own best interests to the detriment of the American citizen. Exorbitant debt and widespread unemployment are but a few of the problems that the nation faces today, and in order to fix all these problems, we need to identify the contributing factors... and most importantly, we must come up with new solutions that fix policies with morally corrupt political agendas.

Evoking similar views as Glenn Beck’s Cowards and Monica Crowley’s What the (Bleep) Just Happened, the common sense approaches outlined here are easily digestible by the reader. However, where the previous books primarily just list their complaints, this book uses truth and reason to go a step further to analyze the problems and present detailed solutions. Anger To Action is both a social commentary on the current status of America and a guide on how it can be fixed.

Anger To Action brings common sense to American politics by organizing the social and political views of The Madison Institute Association, which is a group of college-educated professionals who are tired of destructive parochial politics. This book is the result of realizing that our children and grandchildren deserve a brighter future than the freedom barren, debt driven landscape that is unfolding.

The Madison Institute Association presents a shockingly clear picture of how things really are in America in contrast to how they were supposed to be. These insights come from the supporters of The Madison Institute who are doctors, businessmen, constitutional attorneys, police chaplains, and farmers, among other occupations. These volunteer statesmen wish only to make America strong again. 
We live in a country where unemployment has run rampant, the government has amassed an astronomical national debt, and our liberties are dissappearing. It’s obvious the United States government politicians are amateurs at solving problems, and the citizens are disgusted with their performance. To make things worse they beleive that they must control us, and that we are their servants.

It is time to put the public servants back in their place.
About Anger To Action

Dennis Stapp is an author, inventor, and graduated with honors in Physics from the University of Southern Mississippi. He has studied law, private investigation, and was a founding member of The Madison Institute Association (TMI), an organization that has been promoting American liberties since the 80's and formally incorporated as an association in 2010. He has lectured on government corruption, natural disasters, applied Christianity, and our fraudulent economy for the better part of three decades. He is a systems analyst that lives in Madison Alabama with his wife and two children.

He is supported by TMI, which is a core group of individuals with a wide educational and demographic background.  Its members are black, white, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Tea Party, independent, Christian and agnostic. They are all working class, college educated professionals with a passion for truth and peacefully restoring America to greatness.

This book was written for The Madison Institute Association, where Mr. Stapp drew from many aspects of the TMI membership… a true slice of traditional mainstream America.

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ISBN-13: 978-0-9858663-0-3
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